keeping it open …

As with everything else in this project, we have tried to be as open as possible.
To which end, we are sharing our ACE (Arts Council England) evaluation here, with anyone who is interested.
This is both a personal record of how it was for us, and also the document we sent to ACE, as the evaluation of our making and performance process.
Some things worked brilliantly, some things worked less well, some things didn’t work very well at all.
We wanted to be open about that.
We want to be open about our open-ness.
It might be useful for those of you unused to ACE processes, or it might just be interesting anyway.

So, in what may well be a first for a tiny company such as ours, here’s all the stuff, with a suggestion below of how you might like to read it (this is what we said to ACE) …


Chaosbaby Self-Evaluation & Feedback

“We acknowledge that ACE has been very supportive of our aim to work totally (and solely) in Open Space, and trust you will accept this self-evaluation in the form of feedback from company members, audience, peers, and workshop attendees, as it is the closest we can offer, in written form, to an Open Space experience.
Feel free to flick through and read the pieces that interest you, then perhaps be drawn to others you might have skipped past. If you can do this, while also scrolling through the 550 images (link below), again following your two feet towards whatever interests you, you may well understand some of the Open Space experience through paper and screen.”
Jen Toksvig’s gorgeous Chaosbaby images.

We also gave ACE the final script – yes, a whole open-spaced-devised-group-made script. Have a read if you fancy it.
Chaosbaby Script v8

And something nasty-then-nice to listen to, as you do …
Settled into Lullaby

the on-stage company

the on-stage company