This is the show.

These are the workshops.

This is what we’ve been working on, in Open Space, as a collective, over the past three years …

A town that is infertile longs for a child. Punch and Judy are born and bred to fall in love. After much trying and much failing, Judy finally falls pregnant. The Townspeople rejoice and fuss, help and hinder, and the Chaosbaby is born.

It is grotesque and attractive. It spits, it charms, frightens and entices. It’s what they wished for. (Be careful what you wish for …)

It is the baby that comes not from sex or science but from wanting. The Chaosbaby arrives fully grown, fully formed, male and female, and in charge of itself. And then the real fun begins …

The show is physical, it has music and dance. It has Punch and Judy, a chorus of Townspeople, a crocodile, and two old women rowing a boat downriver. And it has a Chaosbaby. The Chaosbaby.


Chaosbaby show

Who we are : A group of artists – performers, directors, designers, makers, writers – who have been working together on the Chaosbaby for three years.

How we work : The Chaosbaby Project grew from two sessions in January 2010 at Improbable’s Devoted and Disgruntled 5. (D&D is Improbable‘s annual Open Space gathering for the theatre community.) We have continued using Open Space to develop the show in every way – including filling in funding application forms, writing new work, rehearsing. We work collaboratively, with various people leading on specific areas. We have gathered for many weekends of exploration and improvising, devising, writing, dancing, performing – we call sessions and we get to work. In 2012 we had a 6-day R&D process and showed a very early version of the beginning of the show to some interested friends and supporters, we also produced our basic material; a script/score, songs, design ideas, many characters, a video storyboard, and some wonderful tangos.

In a time of austerity it’s too easy to shrink our hopes – this way of working has allowed us the possibility of huge dreaming, huge making.


The Chaosbaby is calling you to come and play … do you want to say yes?


During the week of shows in August 2013 we will also hold public workshops.